Sharp Objects Film Location Overview

Self Guided Walking Tour

Places in and around Barnesville were scenes from the fictional town of Wind Gap, Missouri, the setting for HBO's new series Sharp Objects. The limited series aired for eight episodes July 8, 2017. Thanks to Dodd Vickers, one of the location and production folks on the team, who created this image above.

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Sharp Objects locations:

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Amy Adams visits Wind Gap Police Department

Amy Adams stars in the HBO limited series Sharp Objects. This is where she enters the Wind Gap Police Department offices which is located on Market Street almost directly across from the Wind Gap Mural. This spot is one of many downtown areas transformed for filming. The director liked the angles that Barnesville's downtown area offered rather than the typical town square. 

Wind Gap Mural Market Street

The Wind Gap Mural pictured was aged as the Sharp Objects story has flash back opportunities. That flash back meant aging some murals and signs in the town. The summer of 2017 was riddled with heat and rain making some of the preparations challenging. Several murals and banners had to be redone due to rain but all in all it was done on the time schedule provided. Barnesville's own Andrew Henry was contracted to work with the artists on set and has some of his own murals on Barnesville buildings. This particular mural stayed after shooting finished and continues to say Wind Gap making it a perfect Selfie spot for visitors. It is located on Market Street and plainly visible.

Wind Gap Candy Store transformation

The Wind Gap Candy store is located on Market Street and now houses a brand new barber shop owned by a third generation Barber, Stop in Bankston's Barber shop while you are on Market Street.

Barnesvilles Salon on Main becomes Wind Gap Pharmacy

The Wind Gap Pharmacy on the west side of Main Street used to be Carter's Drugs (a neon sign still exists) and now is home to Salon on Main. Get your hair or nails done or schedule a massage while you take your Sharp Objects walking tour! This was just one of all the windows on Main Street and Market street which were dressed to be Wind Gap retailers. Take a look in side some of the shops where props and other needs were purchased. There are several eateries frequented by the stars, crew and production folks, all on Main Street.

Try some of the Sushi, barbecue, meat & 3 menus and Italian fare. One restaurant is leveraging the film opportunity, renaming their restaurant, Deraney's Two City Tavern, as a nod to the Sharp Objects experience.

Stop in to any of the small thrift shops also along Main Street where props and other hard to find items were purchased. You might find something too!

Wind Gap Caboose

The Welcome to Wind Gap Caboose makes an excellent selfie spot except that it no longer says Welcome to Wind Gap. It is confusing enough to have a second mural with Wind Gap on it so the city fathers elected to keep the caboose in its current red. It is located next to the Barnesville Depot, home of Lamar Arts. You'll want to stop in and see the current art collections in the depot and maybe purchase something special. Hours are marked on the door. The Fountain Plaza area was also the spot where the Wind Gap town father Zeke's statue was located and memorials to the missing children were placed. This is an excellent selfie spot and a place to sit and enjoy the plaza.  Look to the east and visit Antiques on Atlanta. Cross the Railroad tracks (carefully) and you will see where the production crew spent a good bit of time and energy looking for pieces for the film as well as for themselves. You might too! Stop in and see one of the proprietors, Ann Claxton who is also a city councilwoman for Barnesville.

Next to Dairy Queen, the white building to the left was the exterior of the bar where Camille spent alot of her time and in Episode 1, spent so much time, she slept in her car that night.

Mural transformed for flashbacks

The Cherry Pie mural is the second mural that remains after shooting the series. The building's owner was also in the process of converting what was once a small grocery and meat store into a bakery. So, yes, it was timely to have a mural on the wall. This is located on the east side of Forsyth Street and clearly visible looking south from the traffic light. You can see the transformation from current day to past in the following picture.

Cherry Pie Forsyth St Mural

This is the Cherry Pie mural in its "current day" look which means current day in the series. The mural looks fresh and new in real life on Forsyth Street.

Murder Alley on Forsyth St West

Murder Alley is where the second missing child was found in Episode 1 and is located on Forsyth Street. It is not a perfect spot for a selfie as this is a century old building feeling its age. We recommend selfies at the Caboose, Wind Gap Mural on Market Street or the Cherry Pie Mural on the opposite corner on Forsyth and Main.

Forsyth St West Mural across from Murder Alley

The Forsyth Street (west side) mural does not exist today but is located across the street from Murder Alley where the second missing child's body was found in Episode 1 of Sharp Objects. This mural was a challenge as rains affected the look during shooting. But it all worked out and you can see this wall at the west side of Forsyth Street on the corner of Main and Forsyth.

Welcome to Barnesville sign transformed

The Welcome to Wind Gap entrance sign is seen in the film's trailer where the girls are roller skating down the street. This is barely visible but this and many more signs and banners took the place of Barnesville signs through out the filming process. All of it was put back the way it was and we couldn't be happier about the whole HBO experience. This particular road is not a good selfie spot, it is a major thoroughfare into the city and you will find much better spots on Market and Main Street.